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Cool gadgets to carry for travel

By Phumi Nkosi

I am a certified technology freak! I admit it!  And I wouldn’t be nearly as a happy traveler if it weren’t for some of the darlings listed below.

I love order, accessibility and pretty things…come on don’t blame me - I’m a woman, and a fabulous one at that! But no matter how organized I try to be, I often get disorientated when I travel. Plus - I love simplicity, which drives technology firms and travel providers alike crazy!

1. Wireless Bose noise canceling headphones

I simply CANNOT live without them! If you want peace and quiet in-flight - and I mean complete silence - you can hardly do better than the Bose noise-canceling headphones, which are now also available in the wireless version (no messy cords to deal with when you are flirting with 007 sitting across from you in First Class). The sound is impeccable and clear with a battery life of up to 15hrs - perfect on long flights. By far one of the best headphones around. I’m one of those travelers that don’t really want to have a conversation when I get onboard unless the cabin crew interrupt me with questions about food and beverage preferences.

2. Universal adapters

Whoever invented this gadget is a nothing short of a genius. Somehow we take it for granted how much we love our own electrical appliances from home and yet we do not want to buy the same thing in a different country just because of the plugs. This adapter is my favourite for that purpose. This should be the first thing you pack!


3. Bluesmart smart carry-on luggage

I’m pretty sure everyone would love one of these babies - frankly - I’m already dreaming about it in my sleep. The Bluesmart is high-quality, carry-on luggage that can be controlled from your phone. From the app you can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location - and it even notifies you if you are leaving it behind and finds out more about your travel habits (almost smarter than a boyfriend?). You can also charge your phone SIX times over with a built-in battery. I need it, I’ve got it have it. Every girl's dream of a carry on bag that's smart!

4. Aukey portable battery charger

We all love our phones because we are so addicted to them. There’s no worse feeling than hearing that low battery notification on your phone. The Aukey portable charger has been voted as one of the many best portable chargers in the market.  This little guy is attractive, slim and the charging speed is unbelievable. Got myself one and I’m not disappointed!

5. Universal Clip on lens

Selfies have kind of taken over I won’t lie I’m a culprit as well. In fact I have been accused by an unnamed special one as an icon of self indulgence (his days are limited!). The reason I love this gadget is that its small, portable and I don’t need to pull out a selfies-stick in public. The phone-specific clip-ons will give you a fish-eye and wide angle, along with macro for close-ups. You can flip the lenses around and screw in or detach them to select the effect you want. I am already in love!

6. Digital luggage scale

I cannot stress how much I love this gadget. Every time I pack I’m always afraid, knowing how much airlines charge per kilo with their extortionate charges. It’s a lot of money that I’d rather spending on bubbly at my destination. I’ve tried weighing my luggage on bathroom scales but it still doesn’t give me the precise measurement. This tiny instrument is by far the best, and has the capability to weigh luggage of up to 50kg.

7. Grid-it organizer

This innovation of multiple, stretchy, interlaced bands is a simple yet a genius invention. The grid organizer is one of my favourite gadgets to have. Every time I travel I like things organized and I want to know where everything is. It makes life easy and you never forget things. Items are easy to place under the elastic grasp, and once placed they are secured. It’s affordable and trust me when I say this invest in one!

Happy savvy traveling