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Flying Long-Haul? My Secret List of In-flight beauty routines - at affordable prices

By Phumi Nkosi

As a young woman who loves fashion, beauty products and traveling I want to look good whenever flying off somewhere. Not everyone can afford expensive products on a daily basis - I know that I can’t. But you still can look like a million bucks with simple everyday products.

It is hard to figure out how to look great affordably whilst traveling with so many products on the market. Here are a few tricks that I use when I travel.

1. Hair Power
I’ve always used powder on my hair at least once a week (baby powder being my favourite) simply because it tames oily hair - similar to the benefits of dry shampoo. Another positive fact is that it unfreezes the hair and keeps it wavy especially for us women who love their weaves.

2. Scarf
I use this trick all the time - twist my hair then wrap a scarf around it before going to sleep. We all know going to sleep on a long haul flight can be uncomfortable especially with hair flying all over. Yet, the best part is before landing you unwrap it and the hair will flow whilst giving you a wavy look (don’t forget to first use the baby powder before wrapping). Be sure to make it a cute scarf so you still look fabulous!

3. Lip Care
I know people have different expensive lipsticks but for me whilst flying I prefer simple lip ice, strawberry or cherry flavour. It keeps my lips soft without being chirpy and most importantly has an SPF of 15 and with just a little bit of pink “kissable lips.”

4. Portable mirror and bristle hair brush
Always carry a portable mirror and small bristle hair brush for detangling. Also it is a great brush for fragile hair as it won’t break your hair.

5. Cucumber eye pads
As you know cucumber helps in soothing and refreshing tired and puffy eyes. So why not take along pre-moistened eye pads to refresh your eyes inflight?

6. Hydrating cleansing facial wipes
I’m not one to wear make-up on long-haul flights, as by the time you arrive your make-up has either smudges or is flaking off. But I’ve realized that using hydrating facial wipes soothes the skin, cleanses, hydrates and will give you that fresh clean look as you glamoriously strut through the arrivals hall. Nivea is ridiculously affordable and very good!

7. Moisturizing cream with 15SPF or above
I cannot board the aircraft without a good cream and an eye cream. Nivea is a great product and affordable. The best part is that it's a multitasking product on both body and face. It smells great, moisturizes well, sinks in quickly to the skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth

These are simple, affordable ways to keep you looking absolutely fabulous on overnight or long-haul flights. I hardly wear foundation on these flights as by the time I wake up it will be on my pillow, and also the face becomes very dry. But should you insist on disembarking with make-up, why not make a quick dash to the lavatory and apply just an hour or so before landing.

Savvy flying and I hope these tips help!

Phumi Nkosi is a certified makeup artist/hairstylist and fashion designer. She's a passionate travel/adventure junkie and photographer who combines her passion for beauty and fashion with travel blogging. Visit her blog at: