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In Beijing? Then it's Peking Duck!

LI QUN ROAST DUCK RESTAURANT 11 Beixiangfeng, Shengyi Lu, Ne of Qianmen, Dong Cheng. Tel: 6705 5578. 11:30am-10pm
A Peking duck restaurant - regarded by Savvy Traveller to be the best in the Chinese capital. Stashed deep in an atmospheric hu tong (alley way), this small family –run duck diner is not so much adored for interior design or service - but the duck is excellent. The aroma of the slow roasted duck from the huge charcoal oven set at the front door is guaranteed to wet your appetite. The Chinese salad is worth noting. As for the wine menu, the standard Chinese Great Wall is available but Li Qun also has imported wine selections - including Australian shiraz. The washrooms are not recommended so watch your water intake. There are no washrooms nearby so you’ll have to take a taxi to Tiananmen Square, as long as it's before 10pm. Major credit cards are accepted. Another bonus is that waiters understand enough English to take orders. One final note: the potions of the dishes are small but the price is very reasonable.